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May 23, 2023


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I really don't know what amount of casualties the Ukrainian forces have suffered. But even if it's 1:20 compared to Russia's, they might be running low on soldiers. And this is how Russia wins, always, eventually. Just throw endless numbers of expendables into the mix, and sooner or later your enemy will run out of ammo. Russia is what, about 100 times bigger than Ukraine? 300?



i think that you are a bit off on the disparity between populations fueling the opposing armies.    russia has a population roughly around 145 million persons, while the ukraine is smaller at about 45 million persons.   the russians, however, are a bit limited in their abilities to raise troops, as the white russian muscovites dont favor the war, and many have left to avoid being drafted.   most of the russian army as members of the various ethnic groups east of the urals, and neither are they that damned enthusiastic about the war.   on the other side of the conflict, 45 millions will feed enough suitably aged men and women to have a respectable number of soldiers, and support for the war seems to be from what i can tell, fair enthusiastic

in support of it.

this has to be somewhat fueled by the fact of the russian invasion, and the brutally stupid way in which the russians have waged war.  it will be a while before ukraine forgets the atrocities in town like bucha, and the bombing of maternity wards and hospitals all over ukraine.

now, the problems for the russians are compounded by the fact that they have so stupidly pursued their aged and hoary doctrine of fighting as to have pretty much destroyed their conventional forces ability to conduct offensive war.  the armor is shot to hell, and they are fielding 60 to 70 year old tanks, and other things.

no, the russians have pretty much pissed away the ability to efficiently wage human wave tactics, and the ukraine has pretty effectively mowed such things down with very effective defensive positioning and maneuver, and it would appear very accurate artillery fire and small arms fire.

nope, my money is on the ukrainians.  they have out fought the russians, and out thought them.  putin has pissed away a lot of the russian ability to fight conventional war.


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