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April 12, 2023


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Not sure if it's fear, as much as obsession.
It's similar to the right being obsessed with the Clintons.

Neither is entirely (if indeed at all) rational. Both serve the purpose of uniting the base against "the common enemy".

Oldest trick in the book. And as there's no more USSR to be the boogeyman, and China is too nebulous for most people (the majority just thinks China is where cheap consumer goods come from, little else), an internal enemy has to be found for the country to unite against.

That that enemy at the same time strongly polarises society and tightens the voting blocks around the more extreme elements that would otherwise be marginalised (as happened during the Cold War) plays right into the agenda of the party leaderships on both sides.

And it's nothing new. LBJ was the target of the right for years, Nixon and later Reagan for the left. Bush became the villain for the left, and now is seemingly the villain for the right (who used to praise him to high heaven and now think he's next to the devil incarnate).


that, and that he has em pegged.


Here is proof of your observation, John. Not that you needed any. chuckling



I think Trump understands the left because he was one of them for a long long time. And the best/worst kind perhaps: a NYC lefty with gobs of money he mostly earned himself. So he's a traitor to them, kind of like being an apostate muslim. And you know what happens to them ...

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