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April 18, 2023


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Good morning, and apology for my remissness / is that a word? I care not if someone objects, chuckling / in stopping by to peruse and opine. Yeah, decided on alternative word separation this morning, why not. Had to look up the prediction you're describing, and don't view this as a concern, solar flares are a normal if infrequent occurrence, and if a Carrington Event were to happen, can't avoid it anyway. However, as it is not raining this morning, I do need to mow the front yard, it is slightly overdue. :)


Well, we made it to 4/23, but Tucker is gone from Fox and Don Lemon is fired from CNN. ITEOTM(media)WAWKI.


i give up.  i mowed the lawn.   but, it was a nice day here today, ..... , maybe the solar flare wasnt a waste, afterall.  laughing.   and, activity on the left/east bank of the dniepro?  nova kakhovka?


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