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March 19, 2023


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Paul Albers

I wonder when the Chinese supply Russia with a plethora of weapons if they will also supply them with volunteers to man those weapons. Ala Korea. Could we also see the Korean war resume?


the korean war has never ended ....  peace talks are ongoing.   still.   same place.   so, quite literally, almost anything is possible there.
who knows about russia?   i personally dont think the chinese want to get involved in that.   there is some evidence that xi would like to go to ukraine after russia, so maybe he is brokering a peace deal.   well see.


I am a veteran of nearly thirty years . Count the conflicts during that time. I have served with Americans, French, Germans, Kenyans, Poles and Iranians, yes I am that old.

In my experience the opening paragraph in this post could more accurately describe US military actions and foreign policy in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria.

Several media sources, including the pro Ukrainian BBC have calculated Russian losses in Ukrain as 16000 to 20000 which would indicate 48000 to 60000 wounded. The Ukrainians themselves have admitted losses of 250000. You do the math.

Russian tactics have been clear for some time. Pound the Ukrainians positions with artillery and missile strikes before mounting an assault. Maximize Ukrainian losses and minimize Russian losses. Bakhmut is a case in point. encircle the objective, cut the supply lines then begin the artillery barrage until the defenses are destroyed.

The Russians have artillery superiority. They fire 20000 to 40000 rounds per day compared to the Ukrainians 2000 to 3000.
The Ukrainians rely on the US and NATO for ammunition supplies. The US Defense industry admits it will take at least 3 years to increase 155mm shell production to 90000 per month. The Russians fire that amount in a week. And the Russians have been prepared for this conflict since at least 2014. They have stockpiled their ammunition and their industry is in full production.

As for direct intervention by NATO and or the US it's a very bad idea. NATO does not have the military manpower, equipment or resources to conduct a major ground war. Russia is not Iraq. It has the the best air defense systems in the world and it's fighting in it's own backyard. It has little or no logistical problems. The US would have to transport troops and equipment thousands of miles to engage and then supply it's forces. It's a logistical nightmare. Moreover the Russians would probably strike them as they came within reach and mobilized. Just look at a map sometime. And what guarantee would the US have that China would not enter the conflict either directly or indirectly.

As for the causes of this unnecessary war, are you aware of the Monroe doctrine? (Cuba).
Or does that only apply to the US? Finally just a few fundamental military rules.

At some point the enemy's reality must become your own.

Never underestimate your enemy

Never overreach your capability


you are welcome to your views and to the inside of your head, thankfully, neither of which i share.  you are welcome to your view of things.   btw, i think that you are wasting your time here, plain and simple.   you have better places in which to share your views, no doubt, and you should go there and share them with people who live in the same little bubble as you do.
john jay
p.s.   come back in about a year, and tell me again how russia is doing.

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