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March 21, 2023


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The election box has been sealed with duct tape and fiberglass for several years, the jury nullification box was rendered not relevant over 5 decades ago, so the cartridge box is the last option. When that will actually need to be opened is anyone's guess, but the indicator will be unmistakable.



if and when things happen, they will happen very quickly, and they will not be as broadly anticipated.  ive watched elk herds placidly lying down, chewing the cud as it were, and then all of a sudden they are up, and thundering away at full gallop, as one.  it would not do to be in their way.   and, all without the help of pundits.  (something to be remembered by those who think they control things.)

i believe as you.


p.s.   there is simply no other person who arouses the primordial/pathological fear in the left, as does donald trump.  they loathe him.   but, mostly they fear him, right down to their cockles, in their bellies, in their loins.  he makes their mouths dry as bone.


More Kabuki theater. Trump will not be arrested. This is a created distraction. Your job, as observant citizens, is to figure out what we are being distracted from this time.

Was it more payola to Ukraine? Dropping billions to the failed banks, all of which were super woke and funneling massive $$$ to BLM, Antifa, and DNC kickback schemes (eg renewable energy)? But they get bailed out. The latest trans things? Who knows? It's all smoke and mirrors.


yep.  he will not be arrested.   he will not be cuffed bail set.   there will be no prosecution.    all the dumb assed demos do with all this trump baiting is simply solidify and enrage trumps political base, which is the most rabid and loyal political base in american politics.   as for me, trump at the top of the ticket, desantis for vp.   ojt for desantis in 2028.

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