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January 26, 2023


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Yes, they do, but I will suggest they also recognize what you just mentioned, and avoid the bint for exactly that reason.


yep, shes pretty radioactive and quite likely to stay that way until she gets the brain/intellect transplant she so badly needs.   i wonder how far she and biden as a team would get in a bridge tournament?


6 feet apart, don't want to breathe in someone else's germs.


Which has always been one of the stupidest and most manipulative decrees to be uttered and published by the "learned medical experts", although they are not, they are just unelected control hungry wonks. And they will deserve what the future will give each of them.


they will get, just as each of us, precisely as fate and justice dictates.   mask, or no mask, one just does not dodge fate and circumstance.  nor, that little element of randomness which is a great leveler.  best to you, good sir.

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