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October 06, 2022


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Well, if this is a 3 to 5 KT yield, and the troops are upwind for at least a week to allow for diminished effect, and if the troops have good MOPP gear, and if someone else can be blamed like the muzzies, and if a cordon was already in place, and if the "vlad" is of no consequence, and I could go on with several more "and if", as you already know.


john jay


in reality, i see very little difference between a "tactical" and a "strategic" nuke, except for some orders of magnitude in destruction, radiation and death.

one is a very nasty boom!!!, and the other a not so very nasty boom!

both open the same pandora's box of not so easily contained expansion and magnitude of warfare.-- more participants, way more deaths, etc., etc..

so, will the russians let putin use them, or will the russians depose putin before he can?

i think the screw ball will, if left to is own devices. he looks to me "full bull goose looney tunes." in other words, "nuttier than a fruitcake."

interesting times, indeed.


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