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April 23, 2022


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Jim McG

If you do not have anger to your bones over what our .gov has been doing in, through and to Ukraine, you are one of them.
Ever find Gina??



agreed.   for one thiing, we should be publicly doeing a mig 29 for f-16 trade w/ someone, and getting the migs to the ukrainians.   and, more artillery.   and, a-10 warthogs.  ptin isnt going to nuke anyone, hes blowing smoke out his ass.

as to gina, ive not seen, heard hide nor hair of her after the gunfight in germany the old retired generals said happened twixt cia-types and u.s. army personnel.   if shes alive, she is hidden very deeply.

i think that she is dead.   but, what do i know?   laughing.    actually, i know nothing, but i have some pretty well-founded suspicions.

thanks for the read, thanks for the comment.


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