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January 25, 2022


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Paul Albers

Now we pay for sitting on our hands while Biden and son destroy this country. During my youth I used to laugh at "Duck and cover." Now I am not so sure.
It is coming and it is going to be bad. The lady and the Tiger comes to mind. No, not the one with three doors but the one where she is smiling and riding on top of the tiger as she leaves but when the tiger comes back she is missing but the Tiger is grinning.

Paul Albers

I looked up my Tiger story and it seems it is a Limerick.
My favorites.

john jay


do not worry over our current state of affairs. things are going to get far worse, in the not too distant future, as biden bungles his way from one disaster to the next.

he has kind of a natural talent as a fuck up. couple that with his "convictions," ... and, we ain't seen nuthun yet, as we used to say.


p.s. lay in lot of bisquick for biscuits and bread, and lots of bottled water, and lots of wool blankets.

and, plenty of ammo, and plenty "fixins."

Paul Albers

Good advice. We are in for a hard Freeze tomorrow. The fixins will sustain us till we get our power back. The ammo will help deter those that may attempt a Bisquick heist.


boy scout motto, always be prepared.    best paramilitary outfit ever conceived, the boy scouts of america.

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