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December 07, 2021


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Paul Albers

i tried to watch the two Oregon teams duke it out this
weekend but the camera work was horrible. Who won?


the u or o ducks beat the osu beavers.
at the start of the year, the ducks went to columbus, ohio and soundly beat the ohio state buckeyes.   and, then, unaccountably toward the end of the season the ducks started going downhill  ....   just about the time that the u of miami started contacting the ducks coach, mario cristobal about becoming coach of the football team at miami.   his attention was elsewhere from being ducks coach, and i think his players knew it, and sensed his distance.  all the air went out of the tires, so to speak.
a day before the miami announcement he held a press conference and maintained his fealty to oregon.  in other words, lied with a straight face.   in my estimation, the act of an utter asshole.  i think his players simply stopped playing for him.
a waste of what could have been a wonderful season.

Paul Albers

That coach will make a stellar
Democrat politician later on.


you betcha booties!!   laughing.


Hey! I'm just stopping by, still alive and kicking over on the other coast. Stay healthy, stay alive.

PS who are these ducks and beavers you speak of? :-)


ducks --  university of oregon ducks football team
beavs --  oregon state university beavers football team
if you are a university, and cannot house a whole bunch of smarty pants nuclear physicists types, get yourself a football team to cheer you up and carry the old school spirit.  it beats the hell out of getting crickett and lacrosse players, for instance, which are sports favored by smarty pants types.
its all pretty straight forward.
the ducks had a chance to have a very very good year, but, crystal balls move to u. of miami proved a bit distracting for him to pay attention to his coaching obligations to his team.   my view, obviously, perhaps not shared by others.  (maybe the kids just decided to go in the tank of their own volition, who knows?)
thats it, in a nut shell.

p.s.  i am not sure, but is chess played inter-collegiately back on the east coast?  not so out here.   oh, well, i guess we are stuck w/ football, which can be viewed as chess for the common working man.

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