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November 18, 2021


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Paul Albers

This trial is only about AR-15's and my right to defend myself. I was picked on many panels but never selected. I was told on one occasion after,by the Judge at her bench,to go back to my area-sit down and ask no more questions.



laughing out loud.    why does that not surprise me?   i expect the judge figured that you knew too much for your own good!!  (and, too much for her own agenda.)


Paul Albers

I agree. Long ago I was told ask lots and lots of questions.
I was not called until I reached 50. Never picked. Was way back in the shuffle with new number in the high 40's when this judge told me to quit asking questions. I was unlikely to be picked way back in the group. The guy next to me got picked.

john jay


what's my email address?


john jay

p.s. paul, that you use to access my email? i know it is a stupid question. john

p.s.s. but, when i use my new phone, it won't email some pictures of guitars from the phone to the computer.

a pain in the butt.

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