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October 20, 2021


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It's not that they don't have a clue; they have a plan. And the plan is to act like they don't have a clue, doing the most destructive things they can to the nation. I've been saying for years they're anarcho-Marxists and I have been wrong yet. Burn it all down, break it all to rubble. Deaths by the millions, who cares? They have the power and the wealth and are in the odd position of laughing out their asses while looking down their noses at you, you bitter deplorable. You are a pawn in their private game that they can't wait to sacrifice to their advantage. Sorry.





p.s.   except, that even pawns can plot.   and, connive.   and, hate w/ a passion.   and, there are more of us than of them.   all we need is a little organizing   ....    and, that is why they hate and fear the donald.    a real wild card, that donald.

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