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October 06, 2021


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Malphas X Phoenix

Unfortunately you are correct, but as wonderful as that would be (Biden + train)
Kamala Harris can never assume power as President
If Biden is splitting the country...
Harris would decimate it


this is a cautionary point well worth considering.--  
bidens only virtue is his incompetence.   the only aspect of his presidency which is a limit on his reach for power.
hariss has no such limit on her reach for power, but because of the fact that she is inexperienced at politics (way more skills at fucking powerful people), her threat to liberty is a bit less.
both are run controlled by committee, a committee which knows no restraint so reaches for everything, blunting its impact.
it is a horrible choice between two marxist idiots.  thank heaven, neither is stalin or lenin, more along the line of gorbachev.   or, more accurately, neither is gorbachev, more along the lines of katherine hepburn.
john jay

Malphas X Phoenix

Personally, I think she's incredibly dangerous but I agree with what you are saying.
She doesn't like this country nor the people that live within.
I just hope she's not in office when the second American Revolution breaks out....
Great website, appreciate your time

Malphas X Phoenix


Found this about a hour ago


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