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October 07, 2021


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Hal P

Yes bring back the Dual.

Too many people are way too comfortable, insulating, disparaging and threatening others from their keyboard with NO consuquens.

Paul Albers

Yes. Bring it back. Somehow there will be a need to be sure the good guy wins.
Then you must decide if the good guy is really the good guy.


I agree, bring back Dueling instead of clogging up the courts with BS lawsuits. Sword types allowed Sabres, Small swords or rapiers. Pistols allowed. Single shot black powder Smooth bore or rifled (modernize that rule) Typically rifled pistols were not used. But we can add them. The person being challenged chooses. Just to liven things up a bit. Also NO CRIMINAL CHARGES FILED AGAINST ANYBODY WHO SURVIVES

john jay

sabre 22:
good suggestions.

john jay

the duel decides who was wrong, who was right, who was good and bad. if you won the duel, you were right, innocent of wrong doing, and just. the result of the duel settled all such questions. including "liability," civil or criminal.

john jay

hal p:


Sounds practical to me, if your outline was ever adopted and implemented I can think of a few people that should be "encouraged" to participate. As you can.




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