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September 14, 2021


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Paul Albers

A very scary read. Why "scary" you ask? "cause it is so damn true.


Another part of the collapse will be shortages. We've already got one with computer chips from Asia, and that has shut down GM assembly lines and caused a 5 month delay on new refrigerators. The fruit crop in UK was lost because nobody would work to pick the fruit, and there was no way to get it to market. Killing Keystone and ANWAR, plus a couple hurricanes dropped our oil production a lot. Meanwhile the Left wants everything to be electric, but won't build any nukes, hydro dams, or fossil fuel power stations. The whole One World, Just In Time house of cards is collapsing. Hope you have land to plant and that none of your stuff needs replacing. We're in for some hard times before things sort themselves out. Zombie apocalypse? Maybe.

john jay


in highly nuanced systems, w/ delicate balances, chaos is always only a bucket of sand in the gears away.

the lefties seem to think that electricity is only "an advanced technology" away. in reality, right now, it is either hydroelectric or coal fired systems "away."

the idiot californians are the worst. their electric power comes from stolen rivers or coal fired stations in wyoming, on the coal seams. the dipshits haven't a clue.

in short, i agree 100% w/ your observations.


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