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September 30, 2021


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That LabRadar thing was the big gee-whiz a couple or 3 years ago. Some love it, some hate it. I noticed that neconos.com - the home of QuickLoad - no longer carries it. And those people are total junkies for precision and accuracy.

Your 175gr .284 partition ought to shoot through anything at any angle. Spendy, if you can find them. Grafs has the Prvi 175 FBSP for "cheap".



over the years i have squirreled away a pretty good stock of 160 175 grain nosler partitions ....  i favor the 175 semi spitzers for their penetration.   and, they are pretty accurate.   i am also rather partial to 175 grain speer grand slams for their terminal ballistics.    the partitions and grand slams are not so sleek as what the kids favor these days, but they seem to hit what they are pointed at, and when they do they seem to work rather well.  you cannot ask for too much more than that.

personally, i think this business of shooting at game animals at extended range a bit ridiculous, and not very ethical because it promotes the wounding of animals which are not recovered.***  its a sad situation.  by the same token, high-rise 3/4 ton extended bed pickups drive me nuts, and the young fellows who drive them are often boorish in the extreme.    i wonder if i am getting old?    laughing.


*** the fact is, you get out there a bit, and you cannot hit anything except as a function of shit house luck unless you know the range down to a gnats eyebrows, and even then its a dicey proposition.  even with the latest in long range rifles and cartridges.   i do not favor the latest trends in rifles ammos, thinking them largely akin to penis extenders devices.  yeah, i am getting old.

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