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September 17, 2021


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In lighter cars with the right gearing you'd never notice the bog.

My mom's cars have had mid size v6 engines for 4 decades. Her 1980 Malibu, 2bbl 3.8, 115hp, iron block. Her 1998 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8, 205hp, aluminum block. Her 2017 Chevy Impala 3.6, 300hp, aluminum block. This is the de-tuned Camaro 325hp engine. This engine weighs about 60lbs less than the iron 3.8 of 1980 with almost 3x the power. Even in a 2 ton car, with the 8 speed auto trans it is no slouch. Imaging dropping that engine into a 2300lb '72 Vega.

john jay


the 3.8 engine is a very peppy little car. the 3.6 & 3.9l v6's are also very very peppy.

take any of them, add 4 cylinders in a v-10 72-degree format, and you would have some very powerful engines, very tractable, and quite smooth in operation.

zip zip zoom zoowie, to say the least. and, like all the v6's w/ the current arrangements, very good fuel economy.

i would favor the old push rod arrangement. i like the simplicity of the old fashioned way of doing it, and they still give great performance w/ the electronic ignition.

i don't think the electric car is an entire solution to the issue .... imagine a winter freeway with full traffic lanes, electric cars frozen in place by ice and snow. atsa lotta extension cords, ain't it. laughing. great for supplemental short hauls, not so great for extended travel.

but, maybe that is the lefty goal, eh?


p.s. thanks for the read, drew and thanks for the comments.

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