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August 23, 2021


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This morning I read that several hundred people are on the ground with no escape route or support.

Many others have detailed and documented the events of the past three weeks, so I won't try to add to that. I would like to think a reckoning will be scheduled for the people that allowed this to happen, time will tell.

Be safe, John.


4 by-passes.   6 stents.   3 aortic aneurysms.  a bleeding stomach ulcer that took 3 staples to close. (and, some other crap which is just painful, but rarely fatal.)
with all that, what do i have to worry about?    laughing.
i wouldnt trade places, however, with one of those people that biden left behind in afghanistan.    our president is a fucking moron, just no doubt about it, and a cynical and devious one at that.    nothing like a crazy demented unprincipled fuck in the white house, i always say.
he/they cannot do anything to me my innards havent been trying for years, so i say pretty much what i am thinking.
and, thank you for the read, and thank you very much for the note.

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