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August 30, 2021


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It ain't just him. It's her too. Impeachment is too easy. And it's every person in the CIA, DOJ, NSA, FBI, etc with a G-whatever equivalent or above to what they give to an army colonel. Speaking of which, the entire ground force chain of command, Army, USMC, secdef, and maybe the Air Force ... all of them above the rank of major, needs to go. Most of this whole bunch need to go straight down, about 4 feet, until the rope snaps taut.


good ole 458:

agreed, wholeheartedly.   biden is an absolute disaster, but, of course, devious underhanded thieves generally are, and it is only multiplied when such a person is a demented incompetent idiot, and is surrounded by sycophants of the first order.   the whole thing is complicated, of course, in that our commander in chief is surrounded by a peacetime woke military, which, with the exception apparently of one marine colonel with a set of balls, is a bunch of karens who know nothing about the military and strategic considerations, and everything about d.c. cocktail parties and dress uniforms with a lot of chickenshit decorations for paper combat.

the president has blood of americans on his hands, and thinks he is a genius for the most disastrous withdrawal in american military history.    and, the joint chiefs of staff are equally responsible for it, as is most of the senior command staff in the combined military.  a group of karens in the current parlance, and a bunch of pussies to those of us who still speak english.

the whole lot of them dont have the collective brains to power a pissants motorcycle around the inside of a cheerio, as the old saying sort of goes.

the only incident that approaches this idiocy in our history is the union performance of the first battle of bull run.   and, it pales by comparison.


p.s.   thanks for the read, thanks for the note.

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