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August 22, 2021


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After reading this yesterday, and just now, I have to agree with you and her, that the "strategic thinkers" convinced him that everything you described would happen. The lack of consideration for what the Taliban was planning is deecee arrogance. All they had to do was wait, it was inevitable our troops would leave.

Paul Albers

Joe Biden is a long known liar.His lack of honesty has been apparent the whole time I have been politically awake.
Yes Jack, I can handle the truth. The man has been a liar and a pedo for as long as I can remember. I have a close friend who hated Trump almost as bad as our Media did/does.
He is a Brit who lives around Manchester. When asked what did Trump do that causes your dislike he gets the old 1000 yard stare. I fear before this fiasco is over all this will be Trump's fault.

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