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July 19, 2021


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Nah, it won't mean diddly if the MSM decides it doesn't. And you're person out there asking about her. From what I heard, she died in that raid on the Dominion system in Germany, in the shootout between US Army and CIA. Of course, that didn't happen either; just ask the MSM.



i suspect that such is the case.   but, the two generals who broke that story are not heard from much any more, are they?   in fact, i bet if you googled the story, they will not be mentioned.   i dont really expect anyone will confirm that she was shot, not anytime soon, nor that 4 u.s. servicemen were killed in the exchange of fire between them and c.i.a. operatives, .... , not anytime soon.   the dominion station, btw, was located in the c.i.a. station, in frankfurt if memory serves me correctly.

john brennan is a fuck-faced asshole, and he and haspel planned and executed the steal along w/ dominion and the demos, of that i am convinced.  to admit that haspel is dead, is to admit the whole thing.   plot.  execution.  and, the steal.     not gonna happen, is it, but i will keep asking, about 2 times a month, until i die.   just out of pure cussedness.   and, i will call john brennan every foul explicative i can think of, with every article on haspel.  brennan is a first class shit, no way around it.


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