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June 21, 2021


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And thus the evil plan advances. Build virus, release it "by accident".
Kill off all the old and weak. Deny any treatments, censor all info about them. Panic the world, destroy the global economy.
Exhaust everyone with the fear for 18 months.
Get half the world injected with the actually dangerous part of the virus, calling it a vaccine. Ignore all deaths and bad reactions to it, even though they're 10 times as many as all vaccinations in the past 20 years combined. Return to "normal" where everyone stops any precautions at all. Release a highly virulent variant that the vaccines are less effective against (Delta?). Roll out a booster vaccine with even more spike proteins in it. (lather rinse repeat as needed every few months). Then watch half the world sicken and die when the nasty version of virus is released.

Bill Gates' depopulation dream comes true!

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