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June 22, 2021


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Good one, the question now is, does Ma Bell still have booths available in the down below? that would certainly match the rate getting charged for all of them.




i hadnt thought of that, but, you know, i would sorta be disappointed if ma bell hadnt got a bit of that action.   theyve been around a long time, sufficient time to have made a deal or two with the devil.    laughing.



On the email comment, the one I have for you is no good, what is the current one?


trying to figure out how to get you my private email without broadcasting it to the general public.   if i can get yours  ....  but, you cannot publish it here, without letting the general public know what it is.
you figure that out, ill send you mine.


Is there a way for you to see the email address I enter when I make a comment?


i will give it a go.    doesnt read it at the blog, but does when sent to my email.   will try.

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