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June 20, 2021


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I pray that you are right. Yet I also hope you have some agri-mectin set aside. But Delta is coming, and Delta Plus is right behind it. The UK "alpha" variant took about 3 months to become dominant in the UK. The Indian Delta variant pushed aside the Alpha in 1.5 months, and cases are spiking there so much that the gov pushed back "freedom day" until whenever. Russia is having a tremendous surge in cases, all of which are Delta. They were caught napping; low vaccination, poor health habits, hospitals unprepared. The Plus variants are brand new. They may have originated in Indian communities in the USA, as there are more cases here than in India. But in India, there were 7 Plus cases last week and now there are 22. Plus is vaccine resistant like Delta is, and is more resistant to monoclonal antibody treatments than Delta is. Ivermectin seems to do the job, but politics gets in the way, and India reverses position on it almost weekly.



yep, people die.   mostly the elderly, and mostly the obese.  i am given to understand that in the united states about 80% of the persons who die are very much overweight  ....   goes along with breathing problems right from the get go.

and, yes, people will die.   but, the point is, are the deaths significant enough to warrant shutting down the entire society to avoid?   i think not  .....   and, the perfect example is war.   you suffer casualties in war, very many in fact, and those losses are among your most vigorous vital young men, those persons you can ill afford to lose.   they say that wwi killed france for 100 years, and i tend to agree:  you cannot afford to lose the cream of your society very often.

the point is, life goes on.   in the midst of war.   in the midst of pandemic, if there is one.

now, along with a host of others, i believe that covid-19 was developed at wuhan as a part of gain research, and probably leaked by the chinese as part of that, both on their own populations and the rest of the world.   and, i dont believe that the fact that it attacks the elderly, the sick, and the obese is particularly an accident:  i think that is precisely the people the scientists in charge of the research were looking for.   i think the chinese view the elderly are a drain upon societal resources, and a limit on the efforts to mobilize a society toward a specific aim.   something the leaders of society would deem desirable, were they capable of being candid on the whole issue.   in that regard, from the point of view of our leaders, the wuhan virus has been a rousing success.  the only failure attributable to it, from a logical standpoint re: the united states, is that joe biden was not taken out with it.

more strains will appear as the fellows at wuhan work with it.  (do not forget, as financed by the united states agencies run by stanley/anthony fauchi (whatever the hell his name is.))  we cannot afford to shut down the entire economy society every damned time a new strain is released.   and, that is precisely the aim of the people who run it, and release it, in my view.

they aim to cripple destroy modern societal norms associated with economic productivity/consumption and effort.   again, more strains will be forthcoming, precisely the aim of gain research, which the u.s. and china remain active in.


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