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May 01, 2021


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I here ya. I bought my Kimbers 25 or more years ago. Not cheap then, but what they're asking today is buggin futs. Parts are just extreme. Everything I see in the Dillon Blue Press catalog is at least double or triple what it ought to be. Total greed, or perhaps because our money is becoming more worthless every day?

Heck, I remember when primers were $10/K, and any gunpowder was $12/lb. That wasn't really all that long ago either, maybe 14 years?



yes, it has gotten out of hand.   the major factor seems to be the inflation of the currency.--  i had a history professor whose family was from germany.   during the weimar inflation money was so worthless that a wheelbarrow load was required to pay rent, and people hurried home from work early on payday to try and avoid daily rent increases.   we are fast approaching that.   you know, a trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there of federal spending, and it all starts to add up.   you couple that with the fact that the feds are facing increasing difficulties in collecting the outrageous taxes they impose, and somewhere along the line everybody just doesnt have enough worthless currency to pay for anything.   fast approaching.



Brownells also has parts for Wilson



oh, yeah.   brownells has parts for everything.  if they had an orthopedic wing, i believe i would go there.  get my knees acraglassed, as it were. 


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