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May 18, 2021


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There you go again, verbiating with eclectic quality.


Jeff Cooper once opined that common sense is what tells some people the earth is flat. So what is oft described as "modern society" is quite the opposite, for standards, as you mentioned.

Good to read your guitar work is continuing, when will your album get released? ;)


i figure i live another 75 years, ill put eric clapton out of business.  in other words, the album is not quite ready to go.   laughing.    i am having guitar dreams, though, something i never did before.   maybe there is hope for some sudden inspiration.   maybe.

Mark Matis

Who do YOU think is funding Slow Joe and the rest of the Communist swill?

Dare you say anything against them, or do you also understand that THEY will not tolerate the truth???



the communist/leftist influence on democratic party politics is nothing new, and if anything, the franklin d. roosevelt administrations were as rife with communist influences as obama/biden.   lots and lots of fdrs administration were avowed leftists, and i need not remind you that norman thomas ran for president of the u.s. on multiple occasions:   he did not win any elections, but his policies and doctrines have largely been absorbed by the democratic party.

so, it goes back a long ways.   and, the infiltration of the state department and the c.i.a. and such has been ongoing for years.

now, you are still pushing your line of the koch brothers and the rockefeller foundation types, and papa bush, and there is considerable truth in what you say/posit.   i dont particularly disagree.   but, the influence of the far left/communists is much more widespread and pervasive than isolating the blame or accusations against a few limited persons.   it is much more widespread, and much more pervasive than that.   and, a lot of people advance socialist/leftist/communist agendas without really realizing that they are doing so ....   they just think that they are being fair or progressive.  the USEFUL IDIOTS of the world, as it were.***

you simplify the matter by focusing on persons.   i believe it is far more deep rooted than just a few people or a small cabal.    the leftist agenda is thoroughly institutionalized in our bureaucracies, in academia, and in the leftist media.    and, most with people who havent a clue.

we suffer for it.   israel suffers for it.   and, the collectivists and the arab influence profit from it.    and, the beat goes on.

john jay

*** i doubt biden knows what a bolshevik is.   but, he advances the line.   and, he makes a wonderful useful idiot, in the classic sense of the words.

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