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May 21, 2021


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The Old Guy

When you die, John, she may be there to meet you. (But later rather than sooner, please.)

john jay

old guy:

i am not in any particular hurry to meet her in "the great beyond."

and, i would prefer to know of her whereabouts in this lifetime, for suresies.

i wish i had the resources of a very deep basement .... reserved for haspel and john brennan. deep enough that i would have to pump light and air into it, just for the comfort of the rats that would dwell therein w/ those two worthies. a couple years of bread and water and a 50-watt bulb for light and heat, and i would suspect i would find out what i want to know.



Still with us, John? haven't seen a post in several days.



departed m-f for the past week to visit an old friend in yakima, washington and just back in this afternoon.   ive been a busy lad, and i forgot my google password, so, .... , internet isolation, as it were.

the ex- and i had her grandson in for a graduation dinner  .....  pizza, strawberry shotcakes and visiting were on the menu, and as i hadnt seen him  since he has become a full grown gorilla, it was kinda fun.   home for a little rr, and to get the summer air conditioner installe and up and running.

nothing serious, nor even quasi-serious, for a very welcome change.

anything out of the ordinary going on with you?   i hope not.   i am at the stage in life where i see boredom as a virtuous state.   oh, yeah, i am gearing up for 2024.    laying in precious metals.



Good to read the lack of serious is dejour.

Nothing to speak of over this way, for extra ordinary, the local merry band of antifa losers has been keeping low profile or driving up to seattlistan to expound on their hypocrisy. Which raises a red flag for observation, that the same (non)worthys are getting ready for extended mayhem. Well, it had to happen sometime.



into each life, well or not so well led, a little rain and a little hail must fall.   it is well to prepare for it.



Paul Albers

Always enjoy your comments. I was getting concerned about your health. I have noticed a lack of comments about today, June 6 on our so called free press.



i, also, am getting concerned about my health, although i appreciate being around to have such  comments.   beats not being around, so far.    laughing.

in some sense, rather than being alarmed by the stupidities/cupidities of the day, i have taken to merely finding them amusing.  until they show up on my front lawn  .....   then, the shit may hit the fan.


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