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April 21, 2021


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Mark Matis

Which is why you should move from Bill Gates' buggy bloatware to a version of Linux instead!!!


i know, i know.   but, i am an old old old dog, and dont need the aggravation of something, anything, new.  (which pretty much explains my politics, as well.   laughing.   why fix it, if it aint broke?)   in this particular case, i view microsoft/bill gates as seriously damaged.   where can i got to learn about linux?    and, .... , a version?   theres more than one?

Mark Matis

I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04 on my desktop and laptop. The latest version is 20.04, but I like to give them a couple of years to make sure all the bugs are gone before I put it on as my primary O/S. You can download it from here:

Mark Matis

And by the way, most distros of Linux can be run WITHOUT installing to see how well you like it before you do the deed...

john jay


i looked at the linux site, and all of the things that had to installed, and the plethora of linux "systems" looked pretty daunting to me.

for the time being i'll limp along w/ microsoft, but, with each passing day the bastards piss me off.

for instance, this day i started the computer for the first time in a couple days. it booted, and then automatically put me into "edge."

i don't use "edge." ain't gonna, for any number of reasons. i have opened it once, after an "update" of windows 10 (when it appeared on my machine without asking for it.)

it is just another instance of ms's over-complicated code for another program that does nothing unique.

to hell with them. maybe when linux gets simpler, and does not sort of "shadow" microsoft. better a known evil, .... , as the old saying goes.


Mark Matis

As I said, you can try Linux WITHOUT installing ANYTHING!

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