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April 12, 2021


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These " people" who committed the election theft and fraud, which is covered by 18USC29
594 and 595, should be set onto the gate, as was common in Sir Blackstone's time, and maybe that will yet occur, as the current events gain speed. Time will prove my thoughts correct or not, as if I had any control over the future anyway.


A good day to you John.


just physically confirms what we all knew had to be with the gobs of Biden votes rushing in to destroy our franchise.
now they are trying to do it with new illegal/legal voters from other countries.
deep sorrow for my grandchildren and their children.

PJ in Louisiana


Don't be bummed that you didn't get lots of comments. Or that Geller may have comments disabled. We saw the Dominion stories in early November about the traced internet traffic between Germany, Spain, and US polling centers. Of course the machines had wifi or a modem. We read the rumor of a shootout/raid at the place in Germany, between the CIA running the fix and the US military that left several dead. These stories were instantly buried. We saw the minute by minute data of the vote count fixing. The 3am miracles. We watched the courts ignore and surrender. We watched the GOP surrender. We watched the MSM and the Left cheer. We looked at all the evidence, all the affidavits, the truckloads of votes shipped from NY to other states. Ignored. We saw it all, and we knew that the GA run-off would be rigged too. We knew the Jan 6 "insurrection" was a false flag the moment it happened. We know that it was David Bailey who shot Ashli Babbit. And with DC still behind razor wire and full of troops, we know that the current government is illegitimate. Hell, we even know that anchor baby Harris isn't even allowed to hold the job, as she isn't natural born. Nor was Obama. But even the Constitution doesn't apply if you can claim blackness.

None of this, no matter how loud we screamed, how many blogged, wrote letters, sent emails, none of it made a shitwhistle's worth of difference. What's the GD point at this point? Oh, we should all arm up and go kill half the nation, starting at the top? Not gonna happen. Sadly. The Revolution worked in 1776 because there were hardly any people here and the pace of life was so slow. 6800 died in combat, total of dozens of battles over years. What a joke compared to today's capabilities.


drew:     yes.  all true.   in another age, i would have written yea, verily to all of your observations.

i am 73 years old.   read a lot of stuff.   none of it holds truth as dostoyevskys conversation between god/christ and the bishop of seville in the brothers karamazov, when the bishop explains to god that the spirit takes 2nd place to full bellies and comforting falsehood, and that is what the church now sells, and not salvation.  e.g., material security wins out over truth.

bread and circus.  and lies.   the epitaph on the gravestone of democracy.    john

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