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April 16, 2021


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Mark Matis

Closing the liquor stores would have had a negative impact on People of Color (PoC). You think Portland was bad???


laughing.   point well taken.


The "pandemic" is a lie, as we already know.



I don't know about Oregon, but in lots of states you go to the liquor store to buy your lottery tickets. Can't cut that revenue stream, especially when everyone is out of work and the rent exception and foreclosure exception means no property taxes are coming in. Plus cigs - the highest taxed item in the country - also sold at the booze shop. Even the lockdown was all about the Benjamins; Big Walmart stayed open, little Mom&Pop got shut. Guess who can afford to buy off the government? WallyWorld!!



well said.   truth.    it was all about benjamins, and about securing political power for the dimbulbs.   plain and simple.




yes, agreed.  pretty much all fabricated, as the rich and the elites (and dimmos) knew full well.   if covid-19 had been the danger as broadcast, they would have worn mask and stayed sequestered.   they did not.   they flaunted the regulations, because they knew that for the average person, they were bullshit.

gonna be some pissed off people when they wake to the realization theyve been gulled.


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