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February 16, 2021


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Not just the 'technocracy' - also Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Education - I am thinking more along the lines of the original Rollerball (the story, Rollerball Murder and the movie with James Caan). Still sucks as a future...


i used to be a fan of the san francisco bay area bombers (living in n.e. oregon we were a little short on local roller derby) with charlie oconnor and jackie robinsons son, i cannot remeber his first name, and anis/annyss/anus big red jenson on the ladies scrum.   i loved it when they went over the rail.    laughing.
way better than professional wrestling, as far as hokum went.  or, goes.   whichever you prefer.
you may not realize it, but it is popular again w/ women, and they use flat track gymnasium floors to skate on.   not the same as the curved elevated corner tracks of the old days.   and, no rails to flop over and fall off of.   not as much fun.

h.l. mccurchison (sic) put it best.  money is like horse shit.   you pile it up, it stinks.   you spread it around, it makes things grow.   gates, buffet, and others, having huge stinking piles of it.  it stinks.   they make some stuff grow, insofar as it generates them more income wealth, but, they do precious little of the spreading it around part.  the only one of the boy billionaires i have much admiration of is elon musk   .....   but, i am certain he will prove disappointing as soon as he discovers he is god.   it will come to him soon enough, i suppose.
john jay

paul albers

When I was a wee tad oh so many years ago I was very much
against Cremation. After experiencing this week at home in Texas and rereading The Cremation of Sam Magee it is becoming more palatable. "There are strange things done in the midnightsun. The Northern Lights have seen queer sights..."

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