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February 15, 2021


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God bless you, John, for linking Pamela Geller's "China Class" article. It's priceless. It totally explains what in hell's going on in my country.

Thank you again.

john jay


it is the most incisive and candid essay i have read on the matter, and one that victor david hanson has not written yet.

but, he will. just as any cancer patient does eventually, he will confront the bitter truth of the matter.

this country is run by selfish, greedy, and unctuous traitors. plain. simple. fact.


p.s. nice to hear from you, in these pages. come by more often.

percy freeman

Really enjoyed your writings on the steal.
Please keep up the work and stay healthy.

PJ in Covington, LA



thank you very much for your kind words, your visits to the blog, and your readership.    it really does make everything worth the effort.   very much so!!

john jay

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