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December 23, 2020


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Mark Matis

You totally missed Schiff. And Nadler. And Schumer. And Mittens!!!


I would suggest not, because even in the rough society that was of the time, at least there was dignity, which many political wonks have no concept of in this "modern age", and the Romans did not suffer wonks lightly.

Merry Christmas, John, and all who comment here.



every generation seems to think virtue is at a low ebb, witness socrates comments on the young.  but, it seems to me, that virtue is at an extremely low ebb these days.

previously, most politicians experienced a taste of battle and military discipline prior or during their public life.  even abraham lincoln was a member of a militia in a not so very glorious military campaign against an indian tribe.  war is a waste in most ways, but it does given persons a chance to develop and show their mettle in battle   .....   the respect of peers earned there is a genuine measure of a person.

and, such experience tends to weed out the superficial and self indulgent.

we have no such mechanism in a society largely borne of privilege, and several generations who have not stood the tests of adversity born of battle.   and, we are the poorer for it.   our politicians now, .... , nancy pelosi, adam schiff, nadler, charlie schumer, mitch mcconnel, even people like rand paul and the southern senator who ramrodded the last s. ct. appointment through, .... ,  none have very much steel in their spines.

ah, the donald.   what a refreshing breeze his brash belligerent was.  even his bellicosity.   there was a person behind that, not an adding machine. 

the rest are neuter, and give the appearance of having been neutered.,  


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