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October 11, 2020


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Mark Matis

Behind it all, the tribe as they yearn for the "good old days" of their Messiahs - Lenin and Stalin - who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Albers

Well put. Your best post that I have read. Keep it up. I know of which you speak about health problems
I have been "wheel chaired" for going on 2 years,but when the balloon goes up I will be ready.


My fault? I think not.

As a long time blogger I've been complaining about the media for >15 years, since Michelle Malkin was little more than a podcast on IMAO.us We rant, we rave, we research, analyze, email, and post links. NOBODY "IMPORTANT" LISTENS. This has been going on at least since Walter Chronkite lost the Vietnam War by his Tet Offensive reporting. Maybe longer, since FDR or even Wilson eras. We are those easily dismissed fringe clinger deplorable tinfoil hat conspiracy loonies.
Actually, those who do listen, who have learned, are the chorus to our preaching from the pulpit, and thus we have a circular, microscopic universe of True Believers surrounded by tens of millions of shallow thinking sheep, who might at MOST think, for a second or two, once every 4th blue moon, that the media seems a bit lopsided. And while we are able to count our President as a member of the converted chorus, every word out of the man's mouth is instantly trampled, purposely misunderstood, and dismissed. He was right about Obama's birth certificate and not being an NBC, he was right about HCQ, and he's been right about damn near everything else in between. And the media, the deep state, the DNC (sorry to be redundant) have been lying their asses off for years telling the sheep that it just ain't so. And the sheep believe.

So outside of kidnapping and assassination there isn't much else to do ( note that the FBI infiltrated arrests of those 13 plotters against gov Whitmer the other day were instantly cast by the media as right wing white supremacists, and then the story fell off the radar, and then the truth started to dribble out that they were actually antifa scum. But that truth is only a minor sidebar story even on conservative news media ).

So ... Oh please. Every "right thinking" American absolutely knew from the very get go that all this Russia BS went straight to the top; it was a coup attempt that may still be ongoing. We'd already learned that MO from Obozo's Fast & Furious fiasco, which the media portrayed as "oh yeah well Bush did it too" ... and several other instances. Heck, we'd learned back from Gulf War I, 9/11, et al, just how big the spin and the willful blindness was. We'd read Malkin, and Coulter, and others, pushing their books onto the best seller lists. So there was never a lack of effort from our side. But the wall is there, it's miles high and infinitely thick. We can not get the truth through the bricks. All these ignored treatments for Covid-19 are another case, along with the obvious fudging of the numbers in every aspect of this engineered disease being taken advantage of by the global socialist elitists. NOBODY WILL LISTEN. EVER.



yes, yes yes.   the sad fact is that people believe in what is reassuring to their mind set and their view of what they want the world to be.  they do not welcome, and will not believe, anything that runs contrary to their view of the world.

i have friends who are dimmos, and you may as well be criticizing the virtue of christ as to suggest that obama is a leftist commie tool, and always has been.

but, as the old saw goes, let there be one little light, one beacon of truuth, that lights the way for another.   one person at a time.


p.s.   very nice to hear from you.   keep the faith, brother.

john jay

this reminds me of something.--

a while back, when i was writing & posting quite a bit, i got cited into the congressional record by some congressman or another, as saying something of merit.

i even noted the event in here, and sent it around to an extensive mailing list of "biggies," hoping for some exposure. some comment. some notoriety.

some, well, something.

resounding quiet. deafening silence, as they say.

that is, as they say, the way the ball bounces. laughing.

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