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October 28, 2020


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Just looked at the web page for the blaze, no warnings came up, or when I open your blog page.

Annoying, yes, but not unexpected, as the people on the top of the food chain for these companies are just as spite filled as slimy chuck schumer, with regard to Pres Trump.

Mark Matis

So are you actually running a Microsoft operating system, even though they have given the FedPigs backdoors into their software?

Yes, there may be some things which only have programs that run on such an operating system, but most people do not have to do those things. And for everyone else, look at Open Source software. And if you get those messages when you are running an Open Source operating system, just thank Bill Gates for the outstanding job he continues to do.

john jay


these people remind me of an army running a last ditch retreat, full of little annoying ambushes designed to delay and hinder, and not entirely to stop.

a little ambush here, a little ambush there, hoping to delay an advance.

hanging on.

as noted, i think president trump wins november 3 balloting, it is a matter of how well the dimmo's cheated on the mail-ins and the usual cemetery vote if they can hang on to the mail in cheating.

these little things are designed to interfere w/ nov 3, in order to promote the vote already had w/ mail ins, etc.

lots of dimmos want to switch votes in light of all the things going on. how many will actually go to the trouble.

mark matis:

you got a suggestion on open source stuff. i have mozilla, but they seem to be just a paste on for google stuff. if i do a little research, it just ends up being google.

how do you avoid the bastards?

john jay

john jay


i am an old poop, in n.e. oregon.

all things considered, i like to look at our mountains and foothills, and watch the wheat and peas grow, come to harvest, and go to market.

simple mind. simple needs. not at all interested in "new stuff," unless it involves bolt action rifles.

fuddy duddy pretty much describes me. so, what open source do you recommend, that will work on a 20 year old lap top?

don't say, buy a new one. that seems just to contribute more power to the monied types.


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