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October 08, 2020


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Mark Matis

Not just "our politics" but our entire "Law Enforcement" and "Legal" system!!!!!!!!!!

Duke Wavewalker

the very fabric our what our founding father created is under attack, has been since the 60's beginning with The Great Society, a war whose vets are written off, the Gun Control Act of 1968....my old finger hrt a bit, mind you, but the digression of our society has an accelerant: 24/7/365 media...and social media...

john jay


it's an open question whether we have survived the 1960's.

the pinheads leading the charge now got their ethos in the 1960's, and think themselves radical, even if pulling $250 g's at microsoft.

it's an odd little world, ain't it.


john jay


a little survey for you.--

ask your contemporaries whether they have read "the federalist papers" written by publius, the group non de plume for madison, hamilton and jay. ask them if they know any of those worthies.

ask them if they know why a pen, a writing instrument, is known in french as a plume.

then ask them if they know a.o.c., and where she got her beliefs.

Duke Wavewalker

I have read them, they are on the book shelve hear my bed, along with Edward Abbey and Behold a Pale Horse....they no nothing..zero, zip(we know that term from out Fathers). and..even less...history is being rewritten(Orwell) and forgotten..I am sad and angry for the current civil situation....be safe

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