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October 26, 2020


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Mark Matis

The Chinese would be welcomed in any port on the west coast with open arms!!! Residents of hive shitholes around the world LOVE their Commies!!!

john jay


laughing. well, maybe.

but, i think that even portland and seattle people like them more in theory, than actually putting them up in the spare bedroom.

and, again, how are they gonna get them here. by tour boat? commercial jet? and, what are they gonna fight with? eat? i figure they could brush their teeth, but, they would then have to use that crap the chinese make for motels, and i don't think the troops would put up with that.

and,you cannot ride sturdy little mongolian ponies across the ocean, at least, not that i know of.

so, yeah, you can have very sizable armies to quell any bullshit at home, but it is entirely another thing to move them out of town.


p.s. it took us a while to move across the english channel in wwii, and it was no cake walk getting to england, and keeping the english and us supplied.

and remember the russian threat to west germany through the fulda gap. never happened, did it.

and, there is the rooskie experience in chechnya. and, afghanistan. it is not easy on "foreign turf."

fact is, waging war takes a lot of time, money and marshalling of manpower. nobody, not even us, can move troops overnight.

but, i expect that you know that.

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