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September 25, 2020


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Some ballots were thown out in commiefornia.


john jay


thank you very much.

we won't see much mail-in vote fraud, that is large and significant, in states in which repubs & dimmos are expected to win big.

what's the point.

where we will see it is in states which the professional pols see as being close, and where a little nudge this way or that way will determine an outcome. there we will see massive dimmo voter fraud, as only they are geared up to produce: in florida, people bussed in from georgia and other points; in california, mexican nationals with multiple votes to their "credit."

it is gonna get very ugly.

lay in the canned goods & bottled water, and make do without the electric over the winter. lots of wool, sturdy shoes, and plenty of propane for the camp stoves. a good coleman camp lantern isn't a bad idea either.

buy guns. buy ammo. get a good "cqc" sight on your scope. just gear up mentally and emotionally for the fight that is coming, in all likelihood.

time for us to hit back.



John, you're welcome.

Yes, there is a fight approaching, not a fight we want, we who are of rational mind and soul, we who understand history and the ugly aspect of war, of family against family, of not knowing who to trust and therefore trusting very few people for survival, family included.

As you mentioned a few days ago, "be prepared". And I would add, get cold, because to maintain a balanced psychology, which is the combination of thought and emotion, as you already know, to retain a personal standard of humanity with what is approaching, I really can't see any other option.

After reading your musings for close to ten years, I regret I never had the opportunity to break bread with you.

Be safe.

john jay


yes, a person has to prepare for this intellectually and emotionally, and contemplate how to live his way through the mess, to its conclusion.

and, to win it.

and, btw, thank you very much for your kind remarks. they are much appreciated.

and, the same, right back atcha, as we say these parts.


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