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September 19, 2020


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Paul Albers

Remember no where in the Constitution does it spell out just how many Supreme Court Justices are allowed. They will be successful packing the court where Roosevelt failed.

john jay


maybe yes, maybe no.

roosevelt was not without power and influence, not to mention popularity, and he couldn't do it.

we'll see. we just have to live to see how it all plays out.



Excellent observations, not that you need me to verify that.


This post and the previous post raise an interesting question, actually one of many, but this question is, do the dems know what they are doing? I suggest they do, on the position they think the violence can be controlled. There are more reasons for this, of course, but to their way of thinking, this is "manageable". And they are wrong. When and/or if everything goes full potato, the only option will be, for regular Americans, you and I, and several million other Americans, to respond in kind, because it will be game on, as the saying goes. And then, the politicos who encouraged all of this crap, will find themselves on the receiving end of the mob. Too bad for them. Heh.

Apology for the long winded reply.

john jay


not long winded, and good & salient points.

as noted earlier, and i am not the first to utter the phrase,(by any means) the revolution usually ends up devouring its "makers."

violence is hard to manage. this goes for revolutions, family arguments, and wars between nations ... they rarely end the way people predict.

it's just like craps. you put your money on the table, make your play, and see how it all turns out, yay or nay.

it would be nice to know what is going on in nancy pelosi's head right now, as she tries to stay on top of the big rubber ball. and, billary, as they appear more and more "not relevant." the same for obama.

the old chinese saying, be careful about what you wish, for you may get it.


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