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August 25, 2020


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Mark Matis

Well of course Stalin would be proud of her. The tribe owns the Democrats, and she merely dances to their tune. And Lenin and Stalin are their Messiahs, who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim!!!

john jay


do not forget george soros's role in all of this, he and his puppet obama.

if things get lively, things will get pretty hot for both of them, and deservedly so.



I observe this morning, on the nooz, that nasty pelousy has the position that she would not give Pres Trump any time, regarding a debate. As the wag mentioned, she is concerned that joey fingers would lose any debate, due to his lack of a brain, in all aspects.

john jay


her concerns are legit. the donald would wipe the floor with joey fingers.

he clobbered hillary, and he would demolish joey. joey's processor doesn't work fast enough any more to keep up with the donald. plain and simple.

so, joey won't come out of the basement, and as to pelosi, she will blame the pres.

s.o.p. for the dimmo's. they've got a looser, and they know it. big time.


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