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May 25, 2020


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Mark Matis

Your presumption is that the "debate" "moderator" would allow any such thing. Where would you ever get any such idea???


Much as I'd love to see a "debate" between President Trump & Sniffer Joe, it isn't going to happen.

You are quite right, Trump would tear him a new Schiff-hole if Joe's handlers let him enter the arena; but they won't.

Joe is merely a tethered goat, staked out for everyone to pounce on, while distracting from the real candidate who's being prepared backstage. When Soros & Co. think the time is right, the real candidate will appear like magic, and Creepy Old Joe will be forgotten.

john jay

someone has to toss the easy ones to biden. why not just make it easy, and make the "moderator" the dimmo national chairman/person, just like in days gone by.

i do not discount this at all, and view it as quite likely. as noted in a reply to another post, i view hillary and a.o.c. as the likely tandem to emerge from a very highly brokered convention.
the clinton trust should provide enough funds for b/illary to get the nomination. (the tired old bitch ... maybe she'll pop a cork this time, eh?)


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