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March 17, 2020


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marc in calgary

4 more years of DJ Trump.
All that's not completely decided is who the D loser will be, and how comprehensively 1 sided will be the debates.

Bring it on...


Good to see you back!

I fear that the freedoms we are losing at a rapid pace are far worse than the virus, and that getting those freedoms back after the panic subsides won't be an easy task.

We are still encumbered with the "Patriot" Act, which is an unconstitutional pile of rubbish, but it's still in place. We still have the unconstitutional FISA court, or I should perhaps call it the "Star Chamber," as it is also a secret unlawful court where illegal acts are performed.

Hold tight to your peacemakers, they may be needed badly in times to come!


Good afternoon, John, thanks for the post, I was starting to wonder about you. Three months ago.

It will be interesting to note how many more cases will be confirmed, as more test kits are available, this is rote, I know, yet there is not really an option for day by day information, no one will speak the truth, just 75% or so of what is actually occuring, the gov prefers to have the information advantage, as you know.

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