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November 05, 2019


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Good evening, John, a late thought to you for a pleasant Thanksgiving, how are you doing?


And an even later thought from me. Haven't heard from you in a while, nor seen a new blog post. Hope everything is OK.


John, if you are in relatively good health all considered, this is not amusing.

We that read here would appreciate at least a word or two, no disrespect intended.


Still nothing? John, please be Ok.


Ok, I've checked the Obits for his home town and the rest of Oregon, and nothing turns up. I couldn't find his email so I tried to contact him through one of those lawyer groups, but I think I emailed a guy with the same name in Washington by mistake. His FB page is 2 years cold, but I left a message there too. So I hope he's out on an extended elk hunt or something, or spending a month in the sunny tropics.


Drew, appreciate your efforts in checking up on the irascible grump.

John, if you read this, we are getting concerned. Type something.

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