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September 17, 2019


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john jay

poooey --
cnn hasn't called for an on camera interview. i cannot believe it.
john jay

Paul Albers

Feel blessed.Being interviewed by CNN would be terrible.I assume you would have run on an Independent ticker. Former Rresideht Trump would be your
Press Secretary.


If you could enact permanent term limits of two each for all members of both house and senate, and limit said congresscritters from getting extraneously rich, as many of them are, I suspect a lot of people would vote for you.

john jay


me, trump and bolton. now, that would be a team. and, trump with his carefully considered and articulated remarks, and magic with the d.c. press corps, would make it all go smoothly.


more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


i don't know about this "not getting rich" proposal. i was kind of hoping i could go from dirt poor to filthy stinking rick just like obama and the clintons, (and, maybe win the nobel peace prize my first day in office, just like obama, ... , and, maybe sell the rooskies some more uranium, just like "billary," ... , oh, yeah, i haven't forgotten his visits to moscow as an impoverished student at oxford, where all rooskie agents are recruited, ... , and then just sit back on rest on my accolades, or is that spelled "ass"olades?


p.s. i'd just let trump and bolton handle things, with instructions to get along, maybe make them bunk up together during the week.

we would make it work. laughing.

p.s.s. something must be going along, i have not got my first billion from the "go fund me" thingie, not just yet. i am not worried though, it will take time to build on things. i remain optimistic.


Hmm, "ass"olades, very possible, or it could be assclowns sipping on lemonade, I'll have to think on that. chuckling.

Oh, I wouldn't object to you getting rich, the difference here is that you have more integrity in your left pinky toe than Schemer, Nadler et al have ever had in their hypocritical control grasping lives, so you wouldn't be consumed by avarice.

The Nobel Prize??? gah, it's an illusionary pat on the back anymore.

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