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September 23, 2019


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There is also a thing called a glider truck, which is a brand new vehicle from the factory without an engine or transmission. Get an older engine/trans, rebuild them, and install.

I don't understand the rules here: if I put a 1969 engine in my 1987 car, it's still a 1987 car and subject to 1987 emissions. Is it the other way with OTR trucks?

Rebuilt cabs with rebuilt engines/trans can save a lot of green. And not having to buy 2 gallons of DEF a day will add up fast too.

john jay


good to here from you, btw.

as to trucks and engines.-- what the man knows, and what the man "don't knows," is kind of the issue here.

and, got how long. run a truck for a couple years without adding pee to the tank, might could save you a buck or two.

heck, i suppose a guy could just stay out of california. not a bad idea, at any rate.


john jay


"and for how long.... ."


Do the states run emission testing on the big trucks? Our state used to do the whole 9 yards with their inspection for cars, shocks, wipers, brakes, lights, tailpipe sniffer, but after OBDC came along all they do now is look for the yellow dashboard lights. No lights, you pass. They still earn just as much though.

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