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September 30, 2019


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Mark Matis

Tribe in action. Why pretend to be surprised???


One problem with CW2 is that it will be a real civil war; neighbor against neighbor at least as much as area against area. Even my Red corner of this Blue state isn't much more than a local majority; I see Priuses every day with Resist stickers on the back.

OTOH, stopping all deliveries to cities and blasting a few bridges and short sections of highway will crash 80% of the Left in a week with very few casualties on the Right. Victory will hinge on being steadfast and keeping the blockade going for 120 days. It won't be pretty but it will purge our nation.

john jay


my thinking, precisely.

in the pacnorwest we have seattle and portland. portland would be a tough nut to crack, as it has easy access by road, rail and the columbia & willamette rivers. and, electrical sources are handy in the form of the columbia river dams. seattle, on the other hand, is a nightmare by roads, and rail access is very vulnerable. it's water supply is very subject to being compromised.

w seattle, block the roads, knock down some electrical lines, lay a "siege" of the roads and airports, and the city is in bad shape. it has access from puget sound and the docks, but shipping coming in and out by puget sound has to negotiate some very narrow waterways....i wouldn't want to take my nice shiny boat into the straight of juan de fuca, even if patrols of the u.s. navy were there, and the place was swarming with coasties.

spokane is not immune from the influence of the left, but spokane would "cure up" in pretty quick order.

and, i don't think the lefties would care to go without food for very long, nor would they like being hip deep in garbage and sewage for any length of time.

you know, people speak of leningrad under siege, but nobody ever talks very much about what happened to the inhabitants of stalingrad under siege and with battle raging in its streets and factories. not very pleasant, i suppose.

portland, a tough nut. seattle, a few logging chains, a few transmission towers, and disruption of the freeways and some bridge damage, and seattle is going to be impacted in short order.

so, yes, i agree with what you say. and, if it comes to it, it comes to it.

john jay


completely OT, but I thought you might like to see these: the original plans for the .280 Brit case. Yes, it's still a cut down .30-06, but with 40 degree shoulder and european primers.


john jay


out of town for a bit, so late getting back to this.

but, yes, i am enjoying these very much, and thank you very very very much for the note and the link.

back to study it more closely.


john jay

just looked at the print.--

i am at the library, so i cannot "get the calipers" on anything, but you know, we didn't miss by very far.

i believe that by seating the bullets deeply as i did in the original .280 brit case as reflected in these drawings, that the .280 brit would function quite well in an ar-15, just as the wildcat jj's brit does.

if someone wanted to chamber it in a commercial ar-15 purchasers should have no difficultly at all in having a very reliable round, in a very attractive package. with a 120 grain spitzer-boattail loading, it would be very potent round indeed, fully the equal of the model 43 7.62x39mm rooskie.

again, thanks a million for the blueprint.


p.s. i had my ar in pieces, and have put it back together again. i munged up the front sight/gas block, so will have to replaced it with a bolt on version. about $22.00 from yankee hill. next month.


I'm beginning to get interested in the 6mm Dasher. Will fit in an AR's OAL, and will push a 110 to 2800fps. That's a .28 SD,and a BC over 0.6. 10lbs recoil, but slow impulse in 7lb AR. Seems like a winner to me. Easily a 500m target cartridge, and good for any critter up to medium deer out to >300 with hunting bullets.

john jay

mark matis:
i am sorry for being so late in responding....i just sort of missed your comment.
but, yes, the whole thing is very tribal. but, it is kinda interesting, the nature of the tribes. they are not based upon genetic identity, or anything old fashioned like that, but are "affinity group" politics to the nth degree.

and, they have raised stupidity to an art form, and made a virtue out of it. but, it is interesting. the demo's national convention for the 2020 elections ought to be about the zaniest thing ever in the history of mankind. sort of like babylon 5, in an intellectual sense.


p.s. i don't watch the news for "news," i watch it to see what the idiot dems will think of next. my prediction is that they will bring christine beasley ford out of mothballs, and she will allege some sort of misconduct on the part of donald trump that will support his impeachment, all fashioned out of "whole cloth," as they used to say.

what fun. aggravating as hell, but, fun.

john jay


olympic arms of tacoma, washington figured out how to shoehorn a .22-250 into an ar-15 chasis. (they are now defunct.)

the 6.5mm (whatever) is nothing more than an old parker akley 22-250 improved w/ a .264 bullet, instead of a .257 slug, so i see no problem in what you propose.

and, for that matter, jj's brit is pretty much the same deal with a .284 slug.

so, yeah, all those things out to about 3 to 400 yards are just fine for deer, and other 200 lb mammals. they are quite suitable for human combat as well, as the rooskies have shown w/ the old model 43 for over 70 years.

you should slap one together and shoehorn it into an ar-15, and see how it goes.


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