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August 12, 2019


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It's stretching credulity to believe that it's only coincidental- that he had just been taken off suicide watch; his cellmate had just been transferred to a different cell; his guards were not doing the 30 min. checks that they were supposed to; one of the guards was a new substitute; the video cameras weren't pointed into his cell & had mysteriously failed too; his paper clothing and/or sheets had been replaced with fabric-

There are lots more "coincidences" that were necessary for this death to occur, and it's also the only such death that has ever occurred at this facility. Makes it kinda unique, doesn't it!

Since Epstein had the goods on BJ Clinton, and a whole lot of other high-rollers, I'm betting that it was Arkancide, call it whatever you will!

john jay


on balance, i am not a great believer on self inflicted jail house hangings. in short, i think someone usually is deserving of an "assist" in such deaths.

i guess it must happen, but it seems a peculiarly hard way to get dead.

the mainstream media say that he used a bed sheet. well.

you ever try tearing one into strips? and, doing that so that no one can watch you? or, without making a god awful mess? or, braiding the strips to make a "make shift" rope?

the media insists that the f.i.b. has determined that epstein received no "help" in killing himself.

this from the people who are prisoners or guards. oh, yeah.

john jay

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