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March 29, 2019


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Good morning, John, how are you?

Gateway Pundit has some good comments in the link.


No surprise to those of us who looked past the illusion of the press telling us what to think.

john jay


i read the live link. it is very good.

it seems to me that clapper, brennen and john mccain should swing from the yardarm, so to speak.

i am curious why clapper and mccabe would publicly admit to what seems to me criminal conspiracy in all this.

falling on their swords to protect clinton(s) and soros???



Good morning, John, that is my thought, they're "taking one for the team", as it were, chuckling, since they belive in gov't over all else, and that also includes the condition that they will be treated with kid gloves during and after the public excoriation, since these (non) worthys are in the camp of favor with the press.

I would also expect several low publicity events, such as abedin and others getting a dagger, metaphorically or not to be revealed in due time.

As it is oft said, one hand is a distraction for the other to accomplish a goal, the waiting for events to reveal the goal is not always easy, but quite often necessary.

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