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February 21, 2019


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A ball peen hammer in said 16 ounce variety would be an acceptable substitute, it could also be an emergency implement for one's vehicle, to break glass in case of emergency, as it were. chuckling.


Where I work has a strict anti-gun, weapons policy. So much so that they'll search your vehicle on occasion. In the back of the "dad van" I've a boxed in section where I keep my get home bag, folding chair, cables, quick fix tools, etc., is one of those 3' long or so stainless Estwing axes. Nothing has ever been said about it. You never know when someone may axe you something and you have to axe back.
Working on modifying either a seat or the interior paneling for a hidden AR. Never know if the lights may go out, the vehicle dosen't work, and I've got to hike it home. Or, and I have thought about this, a honest to goodness terrorist attack on what I would consider a very strategic target. Better to have one of those than just an axe.


far better to have something without an immediate need for it, than to have such need and not have it. sorry for the brevity, but I have an impaired right wing...wrist ist caboobled.

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I just sent you an email, it is kind of important that you open it and take action.
Talk to you soon.

Whitehall, NY

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