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January 03, 2019


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Shepard Smith used to have some credibility, when he wasn't trying to be sensational about the machinations he "reported" on with a serious face, because this is important, that people should listen to him because he sounds good on camera and he knows about world events. His relevance in today's information age? naah, that doesn't need to be mentioned, he's a professional. chuckling


I am old, my family is overseas in Australia, and my country- that I loved so much- is gone. Some fragments of what it once was live on, out there in the "sticks" but the culture & customs that once were our common heritage are mostly lost, at least in the cities.

Today no one leaves their doors unlocked, no one leaves their keys in their cars; that once was common in my neighborhood, where everyone knew their neighbors. That's all gone now, and fearful people live in gated communities with guards. Isn't diversity grand!

Many countries now have the capability of producing an EMP; all it takes is a high altitude nuke blast, over the country you want to destroy. It won't directly kill anyone, but it will *permanently* knock out a lot of electrical transformers, generators and transmission facilities. It'll also knock out modern cars, trucks, trains- and computers.

The power won't be coming back on anytime within months, if at all.

We depend upon other countries- like China!- to supply us with high power transformers, since we can't make them ourselves anymore (no plants capable.)

Those cities full of people will get hungry; no trains or trucks to deliver food, no banking to pay for it. They might also get too cold or too hot; there won't be any refrigeration or heating, so that'll help get them moving. Where will they go?

Why, out to the sticks of course! Where more thoughtful & better prepared people have their homes & farms, but who won't be able to cope with the thousands of extra mouths to feed & shelter. It will be grim.

Read about the Carrington Event to get an idea; that happened before we had much electrical or electronic infrastructure, so did little damage. Today that same event would be devastating.

Still, after the last midterm elections I am so depressed about the future I can't bring myself to care very much. Our population has been so transformed that we allowed Democrats to take over the House. It's America's loss, but you'll have to Press 1 For English to hear the news. So let it happen!



an a.m.p. attack is nothing to sneeze about. solar flairs have been large enough to cause temporary havoc, for instance. but, what people tend to do is assume that very latge events can be caused w minimal effort, an assumption i do not share. nor do they factor in that were the u.s.a. so attacked that we would be precluded from a nuclear or other response, directed at our attackers and their friends and associates....china and the russians and iranians for instance. this would give he most malevolent some pause, i would think.

nukes. biological weapons. a.m.p.,s. all of these things. all require something more than a mason jar and a suitcase to deploy......the world is, after all, a big place. and, look at chernobyl, which now resembles eden,.....,see, there is always a bright spot.

(it does pay to live several gas tanks away from large cities. and, near running potable water. and, always watch he book of eli a couple times a month, until he poop hits he fan, just in case armageddon does lie just around the corner. cheers.)

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